Friday, June 20, 2014

Google Maps Driving Directions Online Simulators

1. Gaiagi Driving Simulator

2. Google Maps Street View API Driving Directions

3. Google Maps Street view Player

4. Google Earth Plug-in Driving Simulator

5. Gmap 3D

6. Guzman - Drive your car in Google Earth

7. A Travel

8. University of Louisiana at Lafayette

9. Google Earth Library - Google Earth Vehicle Simulators

10. Frame Synthesis 3D Driving Simulator

11. Street View Traveler Android App

12. MapFactor Navigator Free
Download the Setup Utility, Language, Voice and Map for your Region.
There is a PC Navigator for Windows computers and a mobile version for smartphones.
After you download the above, you can search your start and destination routes.
Best thing is --- you can Simulate Driving Route (this is the cool feature that I like...!!!)
Thank you for making this GPS Navigation software for free to the public use.

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